Best Blender For Ice

During summer, do you think there’s something as good as an ice-cold smoothie? No, Right. However, If you like to make frozen drinks and slushies on a hot day and at the same time if you want to save money and make it at home then you’ll need a blender that’s powerful enough to crush ice and frozen fruit.

But not all the models of blenders are capable of blending ice cubes because ice can sometimes get stuck on the blades which can prevent the ice cubes from breaking down. However, for a pleasant and tasty drink, you’ll want a consistent and snow-like blend which is without any uneven chunks or clumps left behind in the mix. Isn’t it?

Hence, whether you want to enjoy blended frozen cocktails or want to make smoothies, you will need a blender that is especially tough. However, when you own the best blender for crushing ice, it will be an easier task for you. However, a large number of blender models have been created that promise to make crushing and blending ice a breeze.

Hence, finding the best model of ice blender out of all the options available that specifically suits your needs can be a time-consuming process for many people but it doesn’t have to be because to help you shop for a great blender, we’ve put here together this list of the 5 best blenders for crushing ice and frozen drinks. Let’s have a look at them…

Best Blender for Ice

Best blender for ice

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Here is our top pick which is the Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender. This is a lightweight yet powerful model which justifies its slightly higher price because it equips a great range of features. This model weighs a light 7.28 pounds but at the same time it has a strong 1,560-watt motor that very effectively crushes the ice. This model has a simple button interface which offers six pre-programmed cycles. It moreover, has 10 variable speeds, and a pulse feature along with a handy self-cleaning button.

Moreover, it equips the BPA-free plastic pitcher which has a smaller 32-ounce blending capacity. However, this blender is well-designed with a fifth wall that is created to pull the ingredients down onto the blade. Also, the two-tip stainless steel blade of this blender model is very durable which isn’t also sharp. So, this blender is safer and easier to clean.

Coming to its looks, this model isn’t particularly stylish and very loud but Blendtec offers a generous eight-year warranty on this model.

  • This blender equips easy blending cycles with 1-touch buttons and 6 pre-programmed cycles, pulse, and 10 speed manual controls. So, it comes up with the ability to achieve a variety of textures.
  • It also has a complete control to adjust your blending at any time while blending. Moreover, it is a lightweight blender that comes up with a powerful motor that works well on ice. It also equips many presets and speeds.
  • This blender comes up with a patented blade that is 80% thicker. The blades are stainless-steel forged blades with wings which are given for amazingly smooth blends.
  • It has got a self-cleaning feature that means you just need to add a little soap and water, your jar can clean itself in less than 1 minute.
  • Moreover, its BPA-free four-sided jar is a 75-ounce volume jar that has a 32-ounce blending capacity which is ideal for blending beverages for 3-4 people.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

If you own a smoothie shop or café then you obviously need a blender that is reliable but what if your blender breaks down during opening hours? It can cost you a lot of business and if this is a regular issue it could make your business go down the tubes. So what’s the solution then?

The Vitamix 750 Blender is a professional-Grade blender. So, as its name suggests, it is suitable for professional use. However, this model comes up with a wide and long blade which has been specially designed for crushing ice. And guess what, this model can also perform a wide range of other tasks as well with ease.

In addition to all these features, this Vitamix 750 professional-grade blender utilizes a 2.2 HP motor to crush ice into a snow-like consistency. Moreover, this model is also ideal for crushing nuts and seeds which make smooth nut butter, and much more. And, you can also pulse it clean that means it comes up with a self-cleaning feature. So, cleaning this model by hand is easy.

It gives you a comprehensive seven-year warranty. However, even with extensive use, this blender is capable to perform well for many years to come. Also, the wider jug equips a large spout which has been specially designed for pouring smoothies and other liquids. Hence, this might well be the best blender for crushing ice for professional use.

  • This model comes up with a feature of automated blending as it equips five pre-programmed settings that are here to ensure simple cleaning along with walk-away convenience, as well as consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes.
  • It has also got the variable speed control along with a pulse feature that lets you manually fine-tune the texture of any recipe.
  • This blender model has also been equipped with 64-ounce container which is perfect for family meals while being fitted comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.
  • It comes up with hardened stainless-steel blades which are designed to handle the toughest ingredients. So, from the first blend to the last it gives you the same quality results.
  • Lastly, it has been designed with a self-cleaning feature. So, with a drop of dish soap and warm water it allows your Vitamix machine to clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds.

Cleanblend Commercial Blender

The Cleanblend Commercial Blender is another powerful option. This bulky 12-pound blender has a 1,800-watt motor which is plenty powerful to crush ice. This includes a Japanese-made eight-tip stainless steel blade assembly along with a 64-ounce BPA-free blending jar, and a BPA-free tamper and spatula.

So, if you thought that all blenders were created equally then I would say it’s time to think again because this model of blender has a number of features which truly make it stand out from the crowd. This stainless steel eight blade system is especially strong and durable and gives an option of easy cleaning. The blades in this blender are thick and these can crush ice very easily.

This model has got variable speed control along with a pulse switch which helps you to make the cleanup process a breeze. And after blending, you just need to place a little water and soap in the blender and press pulse, it will be beautifully clean. Also, with the blender by Cleanblend, they give you a comprehensive five-year warranty. This will provide you a peace of mind that this model is built to last.

  • This is the most powerful heavy-duty blender we know of. That means, whether you want to pulverize ice or chop some fresh salsa or even want to process hot soup, this 1800w blender’s variable speed control can make your task completely easy.
  • It can replace up to 9 appliances because it is capable of crushing, blending, chopping, grinding, heating, processing, pureeing, or liquifing. That means, it allows you to create larger servings of ice blended coffee, dips, sauce, or margaritas. This large blender is also capable of making soups.
  • This high performance blender is capable of handling professional and heavy-duty projects as this super blender can serve up large batches of creamy, icy and saucy recipes.
  • This blender has been made with an 8-blade sealed ball bearing that provides you with maximized performance. It comes up with hardened stainless steel blades, and unbreakable BPA free pitcher.

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

When it comes to making smoothies and frozen drinks then it is essential to have a blender which is able to crush ice. However, this ninja professional blender is capable of tackling a wide range of other tasks. It has a powerful motor and it also comes up with large number of settings. Also, it treats you with ten different programs. These programs have been specially designed to help you accomplish different blending tasks effortlessly. Hence, all you need to do is to select the program for your blending task, and this blender will be taking care of the rest.

However, it has the plenty of power and is designed to be sturdy. With this powerful motor, it can crush ice for frozen drinks instantly. Also, the crushed ice is smooth and easy to blend. You can also crush nuts for smooth and creamy nut butter with this blender along with blending soups as well as to create your own flour.

Additionally, it also works as your food processor because this model can perform all the functions of a blender, a food processor, and much more. Hence, there will no longer be a need to invest in numerous pieces of kitchen equipment to create delicious meals because all this power and performance will come at a bit of a price.

  • This ninja professional blender with Nutri Ninja Cups has been equipped with 1100 watts of professional performance power which comes up with 3 speeds, pulse, and single serve functions.
  • It has also got a 72 ounce total crushing pitcher which pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for providing you with the creamy frozen drinks and smoothies.
  • It has been given with two 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to go lids which are perfect for creating personalized and nutrient rich drinks.
  • This bender is dishwasher safe as well as it has BPA free parts which come up with single serve blade assembly.

Oster Reverse Crush CounterForms Blender

This is an interesting-looking model with several convenient features. This 9.15-pound machine has an overly complicated but well-labeled and nine-button interface. It gives you an option to choose between two presets. One is for frozen drinks, and another comes up with five manual speeds. This model has got a dedicated stop button. The dual-direction six-tip stainless steel blades reverse automatically when the machine gets jammed.

This 48-ounce blending jar has been made of sturdy and dishwasher-safe glass. The lid has a two-ounce filler cap which allows you to add ingredients while blending. The 1,000-watt motor does a fairly good job for crushing ice. The all-metal drive is durable and oster also offers a 10-year motor warranty with a three-year satisfaction guarantee.

  • Jam-free blending with dual-direction blade technology which gives you superior crushing, pulverizing, and extracting. It has got a boroclass glass blending jar which is dishwasher safe and shatterproof. 
  • The Reverse Crush 300 Blender makes your blending easy and more convenient task. It also equips dual direction blade technology which automatically moves this blender in reverse for keeping ingredients moving down the jar smoothly. It is efficient in making blade jams non – existent.
  • It is a powerhouse of a blender with 7 speeds and it starts up at 1000 watts then blends steadily at 600 watts for superior crushing, pulverizing and extracting so you can create your favorite recipes easier.
  • The Smart Settings Technology is designed to provide expert results at the touch of a button for blending frozen drinks and shakes or chopping ingredients.
  • The All Metal Drive feature provides lasting durability to blend smoothie. Also, the Boroclass glass blending jar is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


The above mentioned blenders are the ones which we think are currently the best blenders for ice crushing which suit most people’s choice in each price range. So, these are quite a few blenders on the market which suit almost everyone. We hope that this list of best blenders for crushing ice and frozen drinks helps you find a great model as per your needs. With these models, you’ll be sipping an ice-cold smoothie or margarita in no time.

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