Cake Mix Recipes – How to mix cake in Blender

Cake is a baked dish, sweet in taste that is eaten as a dessert. In earlier times these were different forms of bread but as times changed so did the concept of cakes. These are now available in a lot of varieties like pastries, muffins or simply cakes. A cake mix is a very important part in preparation of a cake. A smooth and uniformly mixed batter with appropriate quantities of ingredients will result in a perfect cake otherwise if cake mix recipes are not followed properly the cake is sure to be ruined.

Using a blender to mix a cake follows cake mix recipes

It is very important that batter that is used for making a cake has the required consistency. Without it a cake will never rise and will even lack in taste and flavours. A blender helps by working at a faster rate and mixing all ingredients properly so as to provide required firmness. It helps a homemaker to achieve desired results with help of cake mix recipes in minimum of time.

Guidelines for making cake mix with help of a blender

Most people are unaware that their blender is very versatile and hence can easily help in creating a cake mix with minimum of fuss and also in fewer time frames. It is necessary to consult cake mix recipes before undertaking this project as a recipe will provide necessary guidelines so that our workload becomes lighter and one can make a delicious and mouth-watering cake. An important aspect of making any food item is to collect and keep in hand all the required ingredients so that any unnecessary problems can be avoided.

Ingredients for making a cake mix are as follows-

  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Baking soda
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Cooking oil
  • Any fruits as add-ons
  • A blender.

The best part of using a blender is that one can easily leave out tedious and traditional ways of mixing and making a cake batter. With help of this important piece of machinery whipping and mixing are no longer tiresome and tedious. One can easily use conventional ingredients through standard techniques and good cake mix recipes for making a better cake mix.

  • First step towards making of a cake mix is to combine all dry ingredients like flour, baking soda and salt. Now mix it together and set it aside until further use.
  • It is better to melt and keep aside liquid chocolate if a chocolate cake batter is being made.
  • Plug in a blender and place eggs in it. Now churn it for a few seconds at position ‘’2’’of a blender on medium speed. This will help in an even mixing of eggs. After this add milk and again churn it for a few seconds. Lastly add cooking oil and whisk combined ingredients at medium speed for half a minute. It will result in a well-mixed batter that has a smooth consistency.
  • Now slowly pour previously melted butter into a blender and run it on position ‘’2’’for medium speed. Continue churning for two to three minutes so that all ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

Take dry ingredients and add only one fourth part of it to a blender which already has all the wet ingredients. Adjust speed to position ‘’3’’ so that high speed of blender mixes thoroughly and evenly. Stop and scrape sides for even consistency and mixing. Repeat this process three more times until all dry ingredients are properly mixed to provide a well- mixed batter that does not have any solid particles or lumps.

  • In order to make cake mix a bit creative one can add either fresh fruits or even walnuts and other add-ons in it and churn it for a few seconds.
  • Cake mix batter is now ready to use and one can now bake it in an oven for a delicious cake.

This is an exciting experience without the usual hassles as the blades make it easier for mixing, whisking and even blending every ingredient to make a perfect batter.

Advantages and disadvantages of cake

Cakes are tasty and delicious and eating it has both benefits as well as harmful effects. Some advantages of eating and making cakes are as follows-


  • The main advantage of making a cake mix is that one is able to experiment to his/her heart’s content. You can let go your creative juices to make a personal and unique cake that has hallmark of being extraordinary, healthy and delicious.
  • Making cake at home is less expensive
  • Making cakes at home can be fulfilling as a person can add ingredients according to taste and necessity.
  • Cakes have nutritional values that if eaten in controlled quantities can be beneficial.
  • Sugar and flour contents provide necessary carbohydrates. If fresh fruits are added to mixture it is good for digestion process as fiber contents can create a balanced digestive rhythm.
  • Fats and oils in a cake provide energy and proteins from eggs and milk provide useful nutrients that are essential for strong muscles and bones.


  • It is not easy to make a cake at home. If cake mix recipe is not followed properly risk of a not so perfect cake increases.
  • Making cakes at home is a time consuming process and hence everyone is not eager to go through it
  • It is prudent to eat cakes in a limited capacity and that to sometimes as too much of it will prove harmful.

List Of Some Best cake Recipe Book –

Some frequently asked questions about making a cake mix are as follows-

  1. Is it important to make a cake mix with help of a cake mix recipe?

Cake mix recipe is a difficult process that can result in a flat and tasteless cake. Following a good recipe will definitely help.

  1. Is it better to make a cake or simply buy one?

Buying or making a cake is an individual choice. Yes, making it is time consuming and a bit difficult but if one wants personal satisfaction and has the ability to make one then it is better to bake a cake at home.

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