Best hand Grinder for Aeropress

We understand that when you heard about grinding coffee beans by hand then it may sound like a very hard work to you. But if you’re someone who enjoys the ritual of preparing coffee, or someone who travels a lot then a hand operated coffee grinder is the best investment. After all, you can’t always have access to an electric outlet when you’re on the road.

And you know what, once you’ll understand that how delicious your daily cup of coffee tastes when you brew it with freshly ground coffee beans, then you’ll never wanna look back to you decision of buying a best hand grinder for aeropress. These hand grinders enable you to grind your beans to ensure optimal taste and aroma, so that you can enjoy a delicious and fresh cup of coffee.

However, when it comes to manual coffee grinders then let me tell you that all coffee grinders are not created equal. In fact, you can find dozens of poor-quality grinders out there in the market which are just a waste of time, effort, and money to purchase and use. So, to help you choose the best manual coffee grinder, we have come up with all the details which make a great hand coffee grinder and also here we’re going to share our top picks.

So, let’s take a look into how you can find the best hand grinder for Aeropress in order to get the freshly ground and consistently sized beans no matter where you go.

Best Hand Grinder For Aeropress

JavaPress Manual Burr Coffee Grinder


The coffee grinder by JavaPresse is equipped with a hand crank mechanism. So, this hand grinder is a great choice when you’re camping or traveling to a location when you can’t just carry the electric one all the time. Moreover, this grinder is made up with stainless steel blades which are much durable and efficient. And with 18 different coarseness settings, it allows you to get your grinds as thick or as fine as you like them to grind.

  • Precise & Consistent: The professional grade, rust-free, ceramic conical burr coffee grinder has been researched and tested by 100 different manufacturers which all proved it the most precise grind available. Moreover, it adjusts for all size grinds including Espresso, Turkish, Greek, French Press, Pour Over, Restaurant, Iced, Vietnamese, Arabic, K Cup, Costa Rican, or any other coffee.
  • Portable & Versatile: The best thing about this hand grinder is that it doesn’t need electricity, power, or batteries. Moreover, it doesn’t make sound and the size is small enough that you can take it with you anywhere such as on vacations, camping and hiking trips, homes, office desks, backpacks, and road trips. Also, it fits in the AeroPress perfectly and additionally it is also compatible with Chemex, Keurig, Percolator, Camp Stoves, or any coffee maker you use.
  • Beautiful & Convenient: First of all it is lightweight and easy to clean that can fit cozily in your hand. Moreover, it is made of an eco-friendly, stainless steel frame that looks very elegant and adds lasting grace to any kitchen or anywhere you use it. Its hand-crank is detachable to save space.
  • Get The Best Taste: Another specialty which you get in this hand grinder is that this manual coffee mill doesn’t heat up your beans during the grinding process. The electric grinders however heat up and alter the taste of gourmet coffee. So, with this you can grind fresh and enjoy coffee the natural way.

Zassenhaus “Santiago” Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill

Zassenhaus Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill

 The Zassenhaus “Santiago” Wood Manual Coffee Mill is styled like the vintage grinders that you find in antique shops and we know that it is sure to draw you and your guests into its classic design but in spite of being vintage looking, this grinder is outfitted with modern grinding technology which makes it suitable for all of your coffee brewing methods. Moreover, in this grinder the German-made stainless steel burrs are positioned well which makes it strong enough to grind coffee for all methods.

Moreover, a stepless grind setting adjuster is given in this grinder that gives you full control over the grind size. That means, you’re not limited to get a few predefined settings. Also, if you like classic coffee grinders then this one will definitely satisfy you by its performance and appearance. So, the manual Coffee mill in mahogany beech wood will make fresh Coffee grinding of your own beans whenever you need them.

  • Precise & Consistent: In addition to that, it features a conical burr grinder which is made from high grade carbon steel to provide you with a precise and consistent grind every time.
  • Best Taste & Aroma: Also, the delicate aroma of every bean would be preserved because it has very least possible heat build-up.
  • Full Range Grinding: This hand grinder allows you to grind coffee for any method whichever you’d like: from French press to espresso so it is a full range grinder.
  • Stainless Steel Burrs: Moreover, it is designed in Germany to stay sharp for ages and allows you to select your grind size from an infinite number of settings. So it gives you full control over your coffee.

And lastly, with the beautiful vintage look it appeals to anyone with a classic taste which also comes with well crafted tools. It has 3 wood options, so you can choose between varnished beech, beech dark stained, and mahogany stained whichever can match your kitchen and style.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

Hario ceramic coffee grinder

Next, let us introduce you with Hario coffee grinder model which is the Hario MSS-1DTB Ceramic Mill. It is one of the best grinders available in the market because it is specially designed with ceramic mill which can help boost the grind consistency while lowering the wear. However, this coffee grinder also serves you with the great taste of coffee while keeping it fresh at the same time.

Apart from that, it is lightweight so it allows you to mobilize it easily and take little space to store. With modern design, it is equipped with durable black stainless steel body. Moreover, it consists of reinforced hexagonal adapter with die-cast aluminum handle which provides you with the increased grind consistency and reduced wear.

The ceramic burr ill can be adjusted easily for right grind coarseness that provides a consistent grind for perfect and fresh coffee. Its small, lightweight and slim design makes it easy to store and its transparent lid with silicone grip make it look attractive.

In addition to that, manual coffee mill grinds your coffee beans as per your desired texture. Also, the Ceramic conical burrs are given to ensure you with a precise, uniform grind. It is also equipped with nonslip rubber base which keeps the mill in place during grinding. Last but not the least, the ergonomically designed crank handle is detachable which gives it a compact storage and easy travel.

Vevok Chef Manual Coffee Grinder

Vevok chef manual burr coffee grinder

With this hand grinder, you will be definitely getting all the amazing things in one single coffee grinder. So, you are going to thoroughly enjoy this using on a regular basis. It comes up with adjustable 7 different levels of coarseness, so that you can choose that which would be the best suited for you. In addition to that, it uses stainless steel burr inside which gives you more durability and workability in your day-to-day life and you can use it for making all kinds of coffee. It is portable and small which makes it very easy to travel with.

  • Durable & Precise: This manual coffee grinder by Vevok is made up with stainless steel burr that makes it durable and precise and it is also more effective than the ceramic core burr grinder.
  • Adjustable Settings: This coffee burr grinder has given with 6 precise settings levels which allows you to set a specific grind from coarse to fine. It is compatible with all kinds of coffee beans including aeropress, espresso, cold brew, pour over, chemex, and drip coffee etc.
  • Easily Portable: This manual coffee bean mill is portable as it is small in size and weigh less. Moreover, you can easily remove its hand crank to add coffee bean into the hopper. So, you can easily put this manual grinder burr in your bag whenever you go on a travel, hiking, outdoors trip, backpacking etc.
  • Noiseless Experience: As this is operated with the hand handle so it makes the coffee grinder mill quieter than electric coffee grinder. So, you can enjoy your coffee making process that too without bothering others.

And lastly, this stainless steel burr with innovative design and exquisite wrapped pack looks expensive and elegant so you can also gift it to a coffee lover.  

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Porlex mini manual coffee grinder

The Porlex Mini stainless steel coffee grinder is your ideal travel companion if you’re a coffee lover. It is durable so it can accompany you on any kind of trip which you may be taking while grinding consistently from espresso to French press. However, the Porlex Mini Hand Grinder has come up with a lot of things i.e. if you’re looking for a lightweight but durable burr grinder then this can be the best choice for you.

  • Precise & Consistent: The grind consistency of the Porlex Mini is excellent with an ultra-compact design. Moreover, the spring-loaded burrs allow you to get fine grinds which come out just as consistent as the coarse grinds. In this mini grinder, it is also quite easy to use the dial with that you can switch between the many grind settings.
  • High-Quality Burrs: This mighty Porlex Mini boasts a set of excellent ceramic burrs which is sharp & of high-quality ceramic burrs. Ceramic burrs however help keep your delicate coffee beans escaped from heat exposure while preserving the natural oils and aroma of the beans.
  • Best Build Quality: This hand grinder is smaller than all other hand grinders on the market standing so it is as smaller as a soda can. Moreover, it is equipped with a durable, cylindrical stainless steel body along with a rubber grip and detachable handle.
  • Portability: As I said in the above point that it is very small in size so this grinder is the most portable hand grinder on the market. Moreover, the stainless steel exterior provides protection to the ceramic burrs which are on the inside, so you can also carry the grinder into your travel bag without worrying about its damage.

Manual Coffee Grinder With Ceramic Burrs

This manual coffee grinder offers a professional coffee beans grinding experience with its ceramic burr which doesn’t produce excessive friction heat that is efficient in not damaging the flavor of your coffee beans. When you use this hand grinder then you can feel the beans while breaking and grounding and experience how they release the rounded and intense flavor of the coffee beans. So, enjoy the wonderful grinding experience by your hands only.

  • Provides Fresh Flavors: As I said this hand grinder doesn’t let the flavor of your coffee beans damage. So, you can have a fresh flavored coffee every time you want it to have.
  • Equipped with Adjustable Levels: This coffee grinder is equipped with 4 grinding levels that let you get the consistency of coffee as per your choice from fine to coarse. So, you can make the adjustment of the powder crudeness or fineness. It also makes the flavor of coffee beans stronger and mellow.
  • Durable and Portable: This professional coffee grinder by LHS is made up of high quality materials such as the ceramic burr and the stainless steel hand crank. So, it is durable and sturdy and its portable design allows you to take it anywhere.
  • User – Friendly Design: Next, it is equipped with user-friendly designed lids that make you fill the coffee beans into the grinder with a few efforts. And It is also very easy to take it apart and assemble it again so you can clean it easily by just rinsing with water.

Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder

The Khaw-Fee Manual Coffee Grinder is a less expensive grinder which features a ceramic conical burr along with a removable silicone base which prevents sliding. Moreover, the built-in adjustable grind selector can be accesses if you remove the handle. Also, it can be adjusted to grind for everything from Turkish coffee to French press. And, this grinder comes apart also so that you can clean it easily.

It is tidy, efficient, and compact enough for travel. So, this Khaw-Fee manual coffee grinder is great for the people who are interested in manually grinding their beans as well as for the veterans who’re looking for a sturdy travel-friendly grinder.

  • Fresh Flavors: This hand grinder protects the tasty oils and solubles for providing all the great flavor and richness to your coffee. That means, this grinder lets you grind just the right amount of coffee immediately before you brew in order to ensure that you get the freshest & tastiest coffee ever.
  • Durable: With Stainless Steel and Ceramic parts it is made to last longer so you’ll enjoy your Khaw-Fee Grinder for years to come.
  • Noiseless Mill: This coffee grinder produces significantly less noise in comparison of those electric grinders. So, you can enjoy your fresh ground coffee even when your loved ones are asleep or when you’re in the office.  
  • Adjusteble Setting: Lastly, this grinder is adjustable to the Turkish coffee to cod brew and other coffee beans as well. Moreover, these can be adjusted from ultra fine to coarse grinding.

Buyers Guide – Best hand Grinder for Aeropress

Let’s have a look at some of the factors that you should look for while choosing a manual coffee grinder:

1. Size

The first thing that you should consider is the size of your manual hand grinder. So, choose a hand grinder which is portable, sleek, easy to store, lightweight, and easy to grip.

2. Capacity

The next thing to consider is the capacity of a manual coffee grinder. So, if you’re looking for a hand grinder that can make coffee for more people so you should take a hand grinder that has more capacity to ground the beans.

3. Burr Material

In most of the hand grinders, burrs are made of either steel or ceramic. However, you need to check the burr depending on your need that means whether you need it for home purpose or for travel purpose.

4. Number of Grind Settings

Choose a hand grinder which can produce extra-coarse to fine grinds. However, if you plan to use your hand grinder mostly with your Aeropress then the medium to medium fine grounds is the best size to use.

5. Durability

Next, you should look for the hand grinders which are made from durable materials such as stainless streel, copper, or aluminum. You can also opt for hard plastic, but metal hand grinders which are much more durable.

6. Availability of Replacement Parts

Last but not the least thing to consider while buying a hand grinder is the availability of the replacement parts because over time the burrs are going to dull so you’ll need to replace them for keeping your grinder in top working condition.


This was our guide to help you choose the Best Hand Grinder for Aeropress. We hope you liked it and got an insight into the best hand grinders available on the market. However, if you don’t choose one of the above prescribed hand grinder then also you should look for the things that we have mentioned in our user’s guide for making sure that you buy the best hand grinder.

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