So, finally your search is over and you’ve got to buy the perfect machine that matches your love with coffee: the super-automatic Jura coffee machine. I am sure that you must be excited to load your Jura machine up with some of your favorite beans and just push a button to enjoy an excellent coffee. Aren’t you?


Well let me tell you that your expensive Jura machine is not going to make an ultimate coffee with low-quality beans. So, you’ll need to pair the high-quality coffee beans with a high-quality coffee machine, and then only you’ll get your desired taste. However, there is no need to worry as we are here to guide all coffee lovers.

Today, we’re going to talk about Best Coffee Beans for Jura Machines. Moreover, we’ll also discuss that what you should look for while choosing coffee beans and what to stay away from? So, let’s read further to have some Best coffee beans for Jura machines.

Best Coffee beans For Jura Machines

Koffee Kult Thunder Bolt Whole Bean Coffee

The coffee beans by Koffee Kult smell like rich, spicy, and nutty espresso bliss. And, you can tell just by looking at these coffee beans and smelling it that Koffee Kult has really took a lot of care with roasting their beans. So, when you open the bag of Koffee Kult beans and pour it into your grinder, you’ll get to notice a dark and glossy coating on the bean which should make you smile. Because this is what you as a coffee lover exactly wanted to see.

Moreover, the Koffee Kult beans are 100% arabica, fair trade and organic and it is a blend from some of the best coffee producing regions in the world.

  • The whole bean coffee by Koffee Kult is packed with flavor and it features French roast coffee beans which have medium acidity and a crisp & sweet finish. However, the aroma of these beans is as pleasing as the taste of the coffee.
  • These coffee beans are whole roast product which is a true restaurant coffee in terms of its quality.
  • Moreover, this Colombian coffee whole bean product is produced organically i.e. with respect for the planet. So, it is completely free of chemical contaminants. So, you don’t worry about a chemical sip but with every sip, you’ll be getting just the delicious whole bean coffee.
  • And lastly, these coffee beans are filled with freshness as the coffee beans are placed in the packaging immediately after roasting. So, these coffee beans stay fresh and delicious with the full flavor and aroma with every brew.

Octane Italian Roast Coffee

Octane is a full-bodied Italian roast coffee blend which comes with an extremely bold and robust flavor. However, this artisan blend is smoky and woody. However, this fresh roasted coffee is for everybody. At octane, the process of getting you the fresh roasted coffee begins at the source. So, they choose their coffees carefully while keeping in mind their origin, flavor, profile, and quality.

And, the goal of octane is to deliver exceptional coffee which is approachable by everyone i.e. from the casual coffee drinker to the connoisseur. Also, to make sure that children can also enjoy coffee as much as we do, they’ve reduced carbon footprint through their environment-friendly roasting techniques and equipment. Moreover, they produce only recyclable/compostable coffee pods.

  • Octane Italian coffee beans are bold, smoky, and woody that also comes up with the hints of chocolate. So, this is the coffee that you need whenever you feel short of energy.
  • The pack is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. So, it is a dark roast, extra bold body which is the perfect coffee to help fuel your day.
  • This all fresh roasted coffee is sustainably sourced and proudly roasted, blended, and packaged in USA which is roasted in environment-friendly loring roaster to reduce Carbon Footprint.

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee

Lavazza has been distributing the finest of espresso coffee beans for more than a century now. However, each Lavazza super crema whole bean coffee bag is filled with some of the best espresso coffee beans available in the market. Lavazza uses a mixture of 80% sweet arabicas along with 20% robustas. This combination is luscious and full of flavor which gives your coffee a thick, velvety crema. So, it holds up well for both lattes and cappuccinos.

However, the beans of Lavazza themselves are the perfect medium of giving your coffee a dark brown shade and evenly roasted. But, the flavors of these coffee beans are European in taste, which are less fruity than most of the other brand’s coffees. These beans are chocolate based and more rich in flavor.

So, each sip of this coffee will give you a feel of enjoying a cup on the streets of Rome in Italy. However, there are several bean options in Lavazza but the “Super Crema” which we’re currently talking about is just awesome for straight espresso shot. Although, for all of the varieties Lavazza is here to offer the top-quality and delicious coffee beans

This 2.2 pound bag of Lavazza Super Crema Italian whole coffee beans is mild and creamy medium espresso roast which gives you the notes of hazelnuts and brown sugar. It is blended and roasted in Italy and to be best used in JURA machines. And, as these are produced in a nut-free facility center so it contains only coffee no chemicals

Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee

Kicking Horse coffee beans are currently the #1 Canada’s organic fair trade coffee. So, this coffee brand is pretty cool and pretty serious. But do you understand what does Fair Trade stands for? Fair Trade basically means a percentage of the sale on each bag of this coffee is donated to coffee harvesters who are from developing countries. So, basically this fair trade helps make the coffee industry more sustainable while also improving the lives of small & micro growers.

Moreover, the packet contains the organic seal which is an approval of ensuring that you are getting a quality & conscientiously-farmed product. An espresso lover who understands the good tasting espresso from mediocre espresso will definitely be surprised by the subtleties of flavor and richness of these Kicking Horse beans.

This coffee bean offers a range of different flavors including Kick Ass Dark for regular coffee, Cliffhanger Espresso Medium, and Three Sister’s Medium etc.

  • This one is the biggest and boldest coffee concoction as 454 Horse Power is fired up, dark roasted to perfection. These coffee beans are velvety, earthy, spirited and come up with rich cocoa flavor which is truly unique to this blend.
  • These organic coffees are grown in the shade of the rainforest canopy which provides a natural environment to birds and plants. Moreover, these conditions also offer superior quality while maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Death Wish Coffee Company Ground Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is world’s strongest coffee as it is crafted with carefully selected and perfectly roasted coffee beans that gives the coffee lovers a dark, bold, highly caffeinated coffee blend. So, this coffee has double the strength of your average cup of coffee and that too without being bitter or acidic. It will make sure to keep you on the top of your game every day with the clarity and focus because it will all come with a strong cup of coffee.

However, this coffee is a dark roast coffee which has been made with Arabica and Robusta beans. So, it will give you the morning boost which you need to get your day started. Death wish coffee ensures you that you’ll get the highest-quality beans available which tastes smooth, and it never gives you bitter flavors with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate. However, this coffee is low in acidity and with all the strength or flavor and which is 100% natural.

It is available in ground or whole bean form so it’s completely up to you that whether you want to grind it fresh or you simply want to open the bag and start brewing. And, you can take pride that you’re drinking USDA Certified Organic and Fair trade coffee. Their beans are carefully selected & expertly roasted which gives you the perfect caffeine kick, bold taste and great aroma that you’ll definitely gonna love.

And lastly, their roasting & packaging ensures that your coffee will arrive quite fresh & delicious. You just brew a pot at home or in the office and get ready to taste the difference.


Selecting good coffee beans is first of all about flavor, of course, but it’s also very important that you chose it according to your machine operation. The brands we’ve mentioned above are some of the most well-known coffee beans brands that give you perfect organic & delicious coffee with your JURA coffee machine. I hope this post will help you to find the best coffee beans for Jura machines.