Waring Pro Dehydrator Review 2019 – Waring Pro DHR30

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Waring Pro Dehydrator Review

Before the review on Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator begins in our ongoing food dehydrator reviews for finding the best food dehydrator for you, our loyal readers, it should be clear what a food dehydrator is in the first place.  For those who wouldn’t know what a food dehydrator is, it is an appliance, tool, or food dryer that would ideally belong to a modern kitchen. It is an extremely useful kitchen tool to dehydrate your fresh fruits, produces, vegetables, meat or fish for a jerky and even non-food items like flowers, arts and crafts materials. You can even make pet foods using a dehydrator. Of course, you can buy these ready made dried snacks from markets. But the problem is, they contain unhealthy chemicals and unnecessary extra salt causing health hazards. So owning a dehydrator is clearly a better choice. Please find underneath a review on one of the cheapest but best food dehydrators, waring pro dehydrator, available currently, in our series of food dehydrator reviews.

This Waring Pro Dehydratora product of the prestigious US Company Waring pro, has all the basic features you can expect in a dehydrator in this price range. It’s a newbie friendly, easy to operate and above all an affordable food dehydrator you can depend on for your basic drying need. Be it herbs, dried fruits, vegetables, or beef jerky; it can be a part of your household as an ideal kitchen tool to make all your favorite snacks in a healthier way. It may miss few of the features you can see in a more expensive truly professional appliance, but you still should appreciate it for the jobs you can get done with this relatively cheap but dependable appliance.


Specifications of  DHR 30- Waring Pro Dehydrator

  • Product name: Waring Pro DHR 30 Professional Dehydrator,
  • Brand: Waring Pro,
  • Type: Stackable,
  • Dimension14.17x 12.4x 11.8”,
  • Air-flow: Vertical,
  • Temperature range: 110 – 175˚F,
  • Material: Plastic,
  • Color: Black,
  • Timer: Not included,
  • Thermostat: Included,
  • Wattage: 620,
  • Trays included: 5, Expandable up to: 9,
  • Warranty: 5-year limited time

Main Features of DHR 30-Waring Pro Dehydrator:


Though this food dehydrator comes with 5 trays primarily, it can easily be expanded up to 9 trays by adding another 4 trays. Thus you will get more capacity to dry more of your choicest snacks and produces. If you are looking to have an extended capacity, you can consider the model like Nesco FD-1040 Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator without having to take the trouble of adding more trays to increase the capacity. Another advantage of this Waring food dehydrator is, it takes less space due to its stackable type. If yours is a small household, you don’t have to spend more money on additional trays. In a different scenario, you can easily expand the capacity of this Waring pro dehydrator just by buying a few trays.

Heat Distribution:

Waring Pro Dehydrator DHR 30 provides horizontal air flow for having a top venting system. Horizontal air flow facilitates even drying unlike vertical air flow system as the hot air is distributed in a uniform fashion simultaneously across each tray. Therefore, it doesn’t require you to rotate the trays continuously to ensure even distribution of heat. It’s a big advantage for the price you will be paying as it will save your time and energy. This feature isn’t available even in some costlier models of food dehydrators.

Thermostat included:

This Waring Pro Dehydrator comes with a fan- only- thermostat that can be set at three different degrees such as; low, medium and high. 620 watts facilitate drying of many non-food items alongside foods like flower petals for potpourri, photo frames, and clay etc.


This Waring food dehydrator doesn’t have a timer. It’s not an issue for many as a timer is usually expected in a more expensive model and this issue can be solved just by adding any kitchen timer in your kitchen.

Our take:

Waring pro has a reputation of 75 years for manufacturing kitchen and home appliances alongside a host of other kits and accessories. It is the first company to introduce blenders to the US market. Waring pro manufactures blenders, juicers, slicers, deep fryers, meat grinders, waffle makers, and toaster ovens, to mention just a few. They have remained uncompromising in terms of ensuring the quality of their products. By tradition, they would make only the best food dehydrator.Therefore, considering the reputation of Waring pro, all the above features, and 449 food dehydrator  reviews by Amazon customers with a 4.0 rating out of 5-stars; this Waring pro dehydrator is worth checking out.