How To Make Shaved Ice With A Blender

Shaved ice is a well-known dessert that resembles a cone made of snow. In order to make this frozen dessert different flavours of syrups are specially added to crushed ice that absorbs it completely. A traditional and proper shaved ice does not require a straw as various shaved ice flavours are not at cup’s bottom but on ice. It is consumed in different parts of world making it very popular. For health conscious people it is also available in flavours that are non-fatty, gluten-free and are made from non-dairy products.

How to make Shaved Ice with help of a blender

A favourite amongst every age-group shaved ice seems like a taste of heaven in dry dessert. It is a must in social gatherings especially in dry summer days when it is able to provide comfort to parched throats. How to make Shaved Ice is on everybody’s mind but one has to open right channels to know its answer. Making shaved ice flavours at home is very easy with help of blenders who does a superb job of crushing ice into very fine form.

Guidelines on how to make Shaved Ice with help of a blender

Shaved ice is an authentic frozen dessert that is very well liked as it is perfect for any event and any time. In order to make tasty, qualitative and good-looking shaved ice one must follow all instructions related to topic “How to make shaved ice”.

Ingredients needed for creating shaved ice flavours are as follows-

How to make Shaved Ice recipe is as follows-

  • Preparation of flavours– There are numerous ways to prepare shaved ice flavourslike-
  1. Usage of powdered mix- An important aspect of this flavour is that it must be extra sweet and very concentrated. One has to mix 2 sugar cups and 3/4th cup of normal water in pan and heat this mixture at boiling point. When sugar dissolves remove liquid and add powdered mix in liquid to achieve desired results
  2. Cutting fruits- Fruits have a distinctive and good taste when paired with sugary liquids like sugar water, vanilla ice-cream or condensed milk. Soft fruits that can be used successfully are kiwis, bananas, passion fruit, berries, peaches, mangoes and strawberry.
  3. Using beverages- One can just pour favourite beverage like coffee, juice, or iced tea to make delicious shaved ice
  4. Using syrup- Special syrups are available in market that can be drizzled on them to make amazing shaved ice
  • Preparation of ice– Fill ice-trays with normal water and deep freeze it for few hours. Ice is ready and one can also buy ice from local market if necessary
  • Shaving ice– A blender is important equipment for making shaved ice. Plug it in and pour more than required amount of ice cubes. Now switch it on and press ‘’crush’’ button for a few minutes. Ice must be poured in small quantities at regular intervals for thorough crushing. Next switch it to position ‘’2’’ of blender. Medium speed of blender will help in blending to desired consistency.
  • Add flavours– Take required amount of shaved ice and put it in a bowl or cup or glass. Pour desired flavours on top so that it ice absorbs it thoroughly. One can pour sugar water or condensed milk on top according to individual preference. According to taste and preference one can add coffee, fruit juice and then add chopped strawberry, peaches or melons for garnishing. If one desires one can also add extra ingredients in blender with crushed ice to give it a uniform flavour and taste. It has to be blended on position ‘’3’’ for only one minute as high speed will provide desired results.

Shaved ice is ready to be served and eaten.

Advantages and disadvantages of Shaved Ice

Following are various positive and negative factors related to shaved ice-


  • Shaved ice is a refreshing treat with a unique taste and style that brings tropical atmosphere to a gathering.
  • They are delicious to taste with diverse flavours
  • Different shapes and styles give them an attractive look
  • Eating shaved ice flavours occasionally helps a person to rehydrate as it helps in lowering of body temperature and provide moisture to lips and throat.
  • People who are suffering from nausea finds relief if they have shaved ice. If low-sugar flavours and fruits are added to them it supplies healthy nutrients that soothe stomach and gives relief.


  • Shaved ice is common and craving it on regular basis points towards certain health complications
  1. Pica symptoms– It is mostly found in young children and in small margin amongst adults. One of its main symptoms is cravings for items like ice clay, chalk or dirt. It is a serious concern that leads to iron-deficiency and lead poisoning
  2. Iron-deficiency– Scientists have studied relation between eating ice and low levels of iron. Excessive cravings can be reduced by increasing levels of iron consumption in human body
  • Additional sugar is necessary in shaved ice as flavours and other additions help in making it tasty and delicious. Eating in high quantity and at regular intervals increases levels of sugar in a body and can cause serious ill health. There is an increased chance of gaining extra weight, having diabetes and become prone to obesity because of its amazing flavours and taste.
  • Chewing shaved ice can result in teeth and gum damage. If a person is suffering from sensitive teeth then it can cause severe pain

Frequently asked questions

How to make Shaved Ice is a popular topic that has various questions and answers related to it.

  1. How is a traditional shaved ice served?

A traditional shaved ice is served in a plastic cup or conical cup with multiple flavours

  1. What are the flavours of Hawaiian shaved ice?

Hawaiian shaved ice is flavoured with local elements like passion fruit, coconut cream, guava, kiwi and pineapple

  1. Can it be mixed with other liquids?

Yes, shaved ice is mixed with other liquids like fresh fruit to make shaved-ice drinks

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