How to make hummus in a blender

Are you looking for preparing hummus at your home? Congrats! You can easily do that by following the steps of this post. Let’s start with the basic introduction.

What is Hummus?

If you are here, then you are already familiar with hummus. It acts as an appetizing dip, which is a blend of spices, chickpeas, lemon, and tahini. Mostly, people of the Middle East consume this spread. However, Mediterranean foods also make use of hummus. You can easily prepare it in your home and surprise your near and dear ones.

How to make hummus in a blender

How to make hummus in a blender

The main ingredient of hummus is chickpeas. The main goal is to get the softened chickpeas beans so that you can have a smooth paste. You can opt for canned chickpeas or it is also possible to make use of home-cooked ones. Or, you can also give some flavor to your prepared chickpeas.

What is Tahini?

Tahini is a key ingredient of hummus. It is made of ground sesame seeds. As a result, you will get amazingly tasty hummus. Purchase tahini from your nearby store. However, it is also possible to prepare on your own.

Do you want to make hummus completely on your own? You can make use of homemade tahini. It is very simple to prepare. You can refrigerate the tahini and it will last up to one month. Remember, you will need a sufficient amount of tahini to prepare the hummus.


You can easily prepare healthy, delicious hummus with some handful of ingredients. Let’s check out.

Canned Chickpeas: 30 oz (drained while preserving the liquid)

Tahini: Half cup

Chickpea Liquid: One-third cup (you can use more, as per the requirement)

Olive Oil: One fourth cup

Lemons: Two (juiced)

Cumin: One tsp

Garlic Cloves: Two

Salt: Half tsp

Ingredients for Garnishing

You will need paprika, fresh parsley, and olive oil to garnish your hummus.


First, arrange all your ingredients and start adding them to your blender. Please try to use a high-powered blender. Do not forget to secure your blender’s lid. It’s time for removing its lid cap followed by adding the tamper.

Now, you need to turn on your blender high. The duration must be of 30 seconds. You can continue the process for more time if you’re looking for a creamier consistency. Now, it’s time to make use of the tamper for extracting the hummus into the blender’s blade. At this point, you should add more amount of aquafaba (also called, chickpea liquid) to have a softer hummus. It is completely optional.

Now, it’s time for pouring the hummus in a beautiful serving plate. Now, take paprika, fresh parsley, and olive oil and garnish it well.

Some Important Points

Are you going to use home-cooked chickpeas? Then, you need to take three cups of it. Moreover, you’ll also need a three-fourth cup of chickpea water. You can serve half portion of the hummus as it as and another half with creativity.

Making Hummus without Tahini

You can follow this process as well for making a delicious hummus if you don’t have tahini. So, let’s start the discussion.


Chickpeas: 15-ounce cans

Garlic: Two to four cloves (don’t forget to peel)

Sesame Seeds: Four tablespoons

Lemon Juice: Two to four tablespoons (fresh)

Cumin: One-fourth to one teaspoon

Smoked Paprika: One-fourth teaspoon

Cayenne Pepper: One-eighth to a half teaspoon

Salt: As per the requirement


First, you need to take one of the chickpea cans and start draining. Start pouring both of the cans in your blender. Don’t forget to add the liquid from one of them. Now, keep adding all other ingredients (other than salt) to your blender, as per the list.

If you think the mixture has become excessively thick, you can add water. However, the amount must be one tablespoon at once. Keep blending in the highest speed for a couple of seconds. Continue the process until you’re getting a completely smooth hummus.

Now, it’s time for stopping the blender and then tasting your preparation. Next, keep adding the additional seasonings as well as salt (as per the need). Blend again for a short time for mixing the ingredients well.

Next, take a sealed container and refrigerate the hummus. You can rest it for a minimum of one hour. You must use it within one week.

You can add one of the ingredients in times of the last blending process. Such ingredients are sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, balsamic vinegar, green onions, spinach, roasted red peppers, jalapeno peppers, green olives, Liquid Smoke, etc.

Chickpeas are very beneficial for your gut health because these are filled with fiber. As a result, they work wonderfully to combat constipation.

Now, you are familiar with the hummus preparation. So, it’s time to make it and use it in your recipes. It will be a great experience for you.

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