Who would want to use the same old kitchen year after year? Surely not you, that’s why you are here for the solution. So, take a look at the way a few thrifty DIYers got their kitchen remodeled in a budget:

Helpful tips for your kitchen remodel in a budget

Helpful Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel in a Budget

1. Painting the cabinet:

When it comes to the kitchen, something simplistic does not generally equal streamlined. You may have a builder-grade cabinet with white laminate counters. If you try opening the dishwasher, it blocks the oven door. How often do you hear that? So, you can remove, repaint and reinstall the cabinets. Purchase a wet saw and cut the glass tiles for the backsplash yourself.

2. Shopping Online:

You can waste weeks in a painstaking way, trying to pick cabinets and research the counter or you can get lucky. You can visit craigslist and pick up a couple of money-saving pointers and design idea. You will also be able to get a good deal on a under cabinet toaster oven as well.

3. Preserving the retro charm:

A couple from Milton, Massachusetts provided their old kitchen a stylish makeover. Even then, they kept it frugal. They tried keeping some of the original details such as the stainless-steel sink and metal cabinets. Once they made up their minds about keeping the surface updates, they were able to save a lot. In that same way, you can maintain your kitchen’s vintage charm.

4. Smart Kitchen Storage:

As people first enter your home, you hope they have a good impression of it. You can have a big hand in it by remodeling your kitchen. How can you do that? You can put in new upper cabinets to add some much-needed space. Having apothecary drawers built-in to the cabinets can organize everything better.

5. DIY:

Here is surely one of the cheaper ways for you to remodel the kitchen. Keep the basic layout and paint the oak cabinets instead of getting a replacement. Then you take a carpentry course to finish the rest.

6. Low-cost kitchen upgrades:

If you do not have enough budget for a total redo, there is still hope. You can use simple, low-cost touches for giving the room a new look. Just try highlighting the original details like the hardwood floors. If you have scalloped wood valance atop the sink window, highlight it too. Keeping the cabinets and appliance the same, fresh paint, fabric panels and nickel-finished hardware gives the room a cheerful look.

7. Saving Demolition Costs:

With a tight budget, here’s a list of things you can do to save up the labor costs:

  • Remove the kitchen cabinets
  • Knock down the non-loadbearing wall
  • Remove tile flooring
  • Remove laminated flooring
  • Remove and reinstall baseboards

Now, you have to worry about the cost of the demolition debris removal, right? We can help you with that. Using a dumpster rental is quite cost-efficient in this case.

Final verdict

Many people even today think that remodeling the kitchen takes up a lot of money. In fact, they believe that remodeling cannot be done with a tight budget. We are here to say otherwise.


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