Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender Review

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Quality-built blenders are manufactured to last a long time, be durable and versatile. The Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender incorporates a variety of features that makes this product a permanent appliance for every kitchen counter.

Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender Review

The Hamilton Beach 58148 Blender is considered a multi-functional blender with its 12 different blending functions assigned to five switches. The switches require a positive force of engagement to turn on, so accidental engagement is less likely to happen. The four switches incorporate the following functions: Mix, Milkshake, Easy Clean, Puree, Smoothie, Icy Drink, Dice, Chop, Salsa, Grind, Crush Ice, and Grate. The last two switches engage the Pulse action feature. That extra “oomph” is to ensure no chunks of ice or food is left untouched by the Ice Sabre blades, unless intentionally done so.

The 700 watt peak power motor of the Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender is superior to other blenders in its category that have the standard peak motor of 300-500 watts. The wattage power this blender provides has been tested to ensure smooth, grit-free smoothies and purees or perfectly diced salsas. When incorporating ice, the Ice Sabre blades provide ice-crushing action to prepare the optimum results for any task you require of this blender. The Wave Action system ensures that all ingredients are continuously being pulled down and rotated throughout the glass jar.

The manufacturer has tested this product to guarantee a life span of 8,000 frozen drinks. Many owners of this blender have reported that it also blends kale, spinach, tablets/pills, seeds and kernels. When incorporating into drinks or dishes that require a liquid, it’s recommended that more liquid should be added to achieve desired consistency and to reduce sticking. The manufacturer requires a minimum of eight ounces (250 ml) for liquid recipes, but more may be necessary if the mixture isn’t blending effectively. Adding more liquid to the mixture while the Hamilton Beach 58148 Blender is operating can be done with ease. The lid has a unique pouring spout that can be opened while in use as well as making it simple to pour with no fuss and no mess.

A benefit of the 40 ounce jar is that it’s made of glass and not plastic. This makes it easy to clean, doesn’t hold odors, nor does it scratch easily. It’s also been thermal shock tested to make sure it can tolerate and endure extreme and varying temperature changes. Unfortunately, despite the benefits of glass, it’s not covered under the warranty.

The Easy Clean option involves pouring 16 ounces (500 ml) of warm water with one drop of detergent into the jar, then rinsed after 10 seconds of the Easy Clean. This option should be operated in between uses of the same ingredients. However, when using any mixture containing milk, eggs, other dairy products, seafood or meats, it should always be hand-washed or run through the dishwasher. Although it’s dishwasher safe, the instructions clearly state that it shouldn’t go through the Sanitize cycle of the dishwasher. The Sanitize cycle has the potential to cause damage to the blender.

With a weight of seven pounds, the blender stays in place during use while it doesn’t jump about or move on the counter. Despite these qualities, it can be extremely noisy. However the noise level is comparable to other blenders in its category. The blender has cord storage for the approximately two feet cord. This makes it easy to store and ensures a clutter-free counter.

This Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender is backed by a three year warranty. Although the manufacturer will replace the blender or repair any component found to be defective, there is a list of exceptions that they will not cover. This includes glass, wear and tear from normal use, and filters. Also the warranty doesn’t cover any malfunctions that occurred from not using the blender as the printed instructions advised and damages that resulted from accidents or misuse of the blender. These latter exceptions are standard of all products that are covered under warranty.

In summary, the Hamilton Beach 58148 Blender is an exceptional product for its cost. It ranges from $19 to $40 depending on what retailer it’s purchased from. The components of this blender can provide quality recipes for a low cost price.