Excalibur 3926TB Dehydrator Review 2019

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A rise in dehydrator sales worldwide and to be more specific, in the US market proves that dehydrators are getting more popular day by day. It is not unexpected as people are getting more health conscious in this age of information super highway. Well, still we shouldn’t take it for granted that everyone knows what a dehydrator is. Therefore, at the very beginning of this food dehydrator reviews on Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydratorwe will make a humble attempt to briefly define dehydrators or otherwise called food dehydrators while we explore your best food dehydrator like Excalibur 3926TB.


A dehydrator or a food dehydrator is a food dryer ideally categorized in the kitchen appliance section. It helps you preserve your fresh and raw produces, fruits, vegetables etc. by drying them. This drying process is also known as dehydrating food. In dehydrating food, the appliance or the dehydrator gets the additional water and moisture out of your food they naturally contain and thus dry them for preservation.

You surely enjoy store-purchased dried snacks like fruit rolls, dried fruits in other forms, dried vegetables, and jerky. These readymade snacks contain chemical substances causing a rise in bad cholesterol resulting in high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac attack, and even toxicity leading to cancer, recent studies reveal.

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You can easily make healthy snacks at home with dehydrators. This way you will determine what to add to your food and to what amount. A food dehydrator can also help make pet treats. Some people even use food dehydrators to dry flowers, photography stuff, and other arts and crafts related things. In fact, the usefulness of a food dehydrator can hardly be overemphasized.

In our line of food dehydrator reviews, we have decided to review this Excalibur dehydrator 3926TB this time. Equipped with a good number of features, this slightly expensive but top-rated professional Excalibur dehydrator provides you with everything you may look for in a quality food dehydrator. You can rely on this tool for all your dehydrating needs. The shelves type machine is ideal for a large family. Dry fresh fruits, produces, vegetables, jerky, pet treats or non-food like flower petals for potpourri, you name it, in the privacy of your home and at a time convenient for you and enjoy healthy snacks of your choice all year round.

Specifications of  Excalibur 3926TB

Product name: Excalibur 3926 TB Food Dehydrator, Brand: Excalibur, Type: Shelves Dimension: 19x 17x 12.25, Model #: 3926 TB, Material: High grade plastic, Color: Black, Temperature ranges: 105˚F to 165˚F, Air flow: Horizontal (From back to front), Trays: 9, Expandability: None, Timer: Not included, Thermostat: Included, Wattage: 600 watts, Warranty: 10-year limited Time

Salient features of  Excalibur 3926TB

Heat Distribution:

This Excalibur 3926TB  features a unique and patented horizontal air flow system known as Parallex Horizontal Airflow System. The system provides even heat accurately across each tray. A 7” fan positioned at the rear of the machine draws cool air inward for heating, before transmitting it all over across each tray. The process expedites the drying job and allows you to dry more produce in a shorter period of time. So this particular cutting edge technology in the heat distribution system of this dehydrator, Excalibur 3926TB is really worth considering.


This 9-Tray food dehydrator,  Excalibur 3926TB facilitates more space for your drying jobs. Each tray provides 15 square inches of space. In fact, this Excalibur dehydrator is more suitable for a large family. If you think you need a Food dehydrator with a smaller capacity but similar features, go for Excalibur Dehydrator-2400, 4-Tray Economy edition.

Hyper-wave Fluctuation Technology:

This tool is complemented by a special technology called Excalibur Hyper wave Fluctuation Technology, which helps retain the maximum nutrients of your food. This Excalibur 3926TB food dehydrator also prevents your food from building fungi or mold.


This Excalibur 3926TB food dehydrator comes with a 26-hour timer to give you more control over the whole process.


An adjustable built-in thermostat is another advantage of this food dehydrator.

Cons of Excalibur 3926TB:

When in use, This Excalibur food dehydrator creates some noises similar to the sound of a fan, according to some.


Two thumbs up for this great drying machine, Excalibur 3926TB food dehydrator, with 989 food dehydrator reviews by Amazon customers giving it a 4.7 rating out of 5-stars. The cutting edge technology and some of the unmatched features of this Excalibur 3926TB  are also noteworthy.

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