Excalibur 2400 Dehydrator Review 2019 – Pros and Cons

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Excalibur Dehydrator 2400 Review

We owe our reader a brief introduction to a dehydrator and its usefulness before we start the food dehydrator reviews on this Excalibur Dehydrator-2400. Please continue to read to know about food dehydrators and how they can bring positive changes in your kitchen and eating habits alongside reading food dehydrator review of this Excalibur 2400 economy dehydrator.

Tired of store-bought unhealthy snacks like, dried fruits, vegetables, and jerky? Worried about the health issues related to a rise of bad high cholesterol in your body and in the bodies of your loved ones, resulting from harmful chemicals, salt, and preservatives used in those readymade snacks? The way-out is a food dehydrator of your own. Don’t know what a dehydrator is or how to dehydrate food? Briefly speaking, a dehydrator, or a food dehydrator is a kitchen tool or appliance that is used to dry fresh produces or fruits of your choice to make healthy snacks that you will be able to enjoy in and out of season all year round.


Now that you know what a dehydrator is and what a dehydrator can do for you, we will start our dehydrator review on the dehydrator in question,  4-tray economy edition Excalibur 2400.

Excalibur Dehydrator is a well-known name in the Dehydrator industry. The company has been manufacturing food dehydrators for quite some time now. In fact, Excalibur introduced their first dehydrator in 1973 and it has well been able to establish itself as a brand on the market. Excalibur food dehydrator has become quite popular over the years for its performance, price, and functionality. This  Excalibur 2400  is ideal for beginners and small size households. It has almost all the features of a top-rated and expensive food dehydrator with an affordable price tag. We will see below its specifications and key features.


Specifications of this Economy Dehydrator Excalibur 2400

Product name: Excalibur 2400 4-Tray Economy Dehydrator, Brand: Excalibur, Type: Shelves, Dimension: 16.2 x 13 x 6.5”, Model # 2400, Air flow: Horizontal, Temperature range: 95 – 155˚F, Number of trays: 4, Expandability: None, Timer: Not included, Thermostat: Included, Wattage: 220 watts, Warranty: 5-year limited time

Key features of Excalibur 2400

Uniform Heat Distribution:

Horizontal air flow system facilitates uniform heat transmission across all the food trays. Therefore, you don’t have to open the dehydrator door again and again to rotate the trays for ensuring uniform heat all over. It is important that heat gets distributed evenly all over for a perfect dehydrating job. This feature is ensured in this excalibur 2400 food dehydrator


This Excalibur Dehydrator comes with 4-trays and is not expandable. Some express concern over the limited capacity of this appliance. But, it’s quite suitable for a small family. 4-trays are no less considering that 4 different kinds of foods can be dried at the same time. If you are seriously considering a bigger capacity, you can give Excalibur 3900B Deluxe Dehydrator a consideration at a higher price.


This Excalibur 2400 economy food dehydrator comes with a thermostat that can be conveniently set between 95 to 155˚F giving you the control over the entire dehydrating job. A food dehydrator with an adjustable thermostat certainly has its advantages as each food type may require a particular temperature, which can only be ensured with a food dehydrator with an adjustable thermostat.

Noise-free Operation:

This food dehydrator does not create any noise when in use. It’s a good thing that you can even operate it when you or your neighbors are sleeping without making an issue.

Easy cleanup:

The cleanup of this Excalibur 2400 is very simple because of being equipped with polyscreen tray inserts.  Additionally, the trays are dishwasher safe. It’s an important feature for any food dehydrator as it saves you a lot of time and at the same time you don’t have to go for a tedious cleaning job.

Cons of Excalibur 2400:

This Excalibur dehydrator doesn’t have a timer. However, any kitchen timer can do the job and therefore, it should not be an issue when other features are considered.


It’s surely a good deal for the price, in view of the features it provides. With 145 food dehydrator reviews from Amazon customers  and a 4.2 rating out of 5-star, you can’t go wrong about this Excalibur food dehydrator. Especially, if you are a beginner, it can be an ideal choice for you. Users having experience using dehydrators will not be disappointed either with this Excalibur 2400.

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