Delonghi EC702 Review 2019 – Pros and Cons

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Introduction to DeLonghi EC702

DeLonghi EC702 review

If you’re a coffee lover, you should definitely have one DeLonghi EC702 in your kitchen counter.

Delonghi is among the topmost brands in the entire coffee machine industry and among its other products, the EC702 is literally an amazing home espresso machine.

Owing to brilliant 15 bar pressure, this superb home espresso machine is able to deliver you an authentic espresso experience along with super-delicious a rich crème.

Moreover, the user-friendly nature and lots of advanced features have made this machine one of the best espresso makers.

You’ll be literally stunned by the appearance of DeLonghi EC702, as it looks like a coffeehouse machine.

Due to the stainless steel construction, it has got a sleek appearance and durable nature. The easy-to-clean nature of DeLonghi EC702 is seriously mind-blowing. This espresso maker features a carefully-designed stainless steel boiler that has made it possible to get quick and even heating.

You might know that most of the espresso machines hold a steaming nozzle or wand on the front side that is often not convenient.

But, thank God, DeLonghi EC702’s frothier is not there to the side. That means you could easily brew your espresso shot without the need of the pitcher on your way.

Moreover, you could get coffeehouse-like foam from the frothier. Now, whipping up cappuccinos would be a breeze for you.

If you want to curious about DeLonghi ec702 how to use, you should go through its user manual, but now, it’s time to discuss DeLonghi ec702 parts and features.

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DeLonghi ec702 Features

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  • DeLonghi EC702 is a pump-driven home espresso machine that features 15 bars, automatically self-primes, and water level indicator.
  • It has an input power of 1100 watt. In case the pump is excessively noisy, it might be due to an empty water tank and you can correct this issue by refilling the tank.
  • The user-friendly patented filter holder has made it possible to use ground coffee or pods. And with the convenient frothier, you can easily make lattes or cappuccinos.
  • The removable water tank of DeLonghi EC702 is of 44 oz. and 1.3 liters of capacity. Don’t use this machine if the temperature is 0°C (32°F) or lesser. It might be damaged in case the water gets frozen.
  • This espresso maker holds two separate built-in thermostats that can separately control the steaming as well as espresso-brewing functionalities. That means brewing and streaming can be simultaneously performed.
  • With this very feature, you can brew back to back without a need of over-extraction. From now onwards, you can easily serve coffee to a large number of guests.
  • The pressurized portafilters, as well as Pannarello steam wand of DeLonghi EC702, don’t require any prior experience to use. Moreover, this machine doesn’t have any confusing feature. Overall It’s a lightweight, compact, and attractive machine that you’ll love to have.



DeLonghi EC702 espresso

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DeLonghi EC702 Review – Features that I like 

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  • Brew like a Pro: DeLonghi EC702 takes care of your preferences. Be it single or double espresso, latte or cappuccino, this espresso machine is able to brew authentic barista-quality beverages what you order in your favorite coffeehouse every time.
  • Get Foam as per Your Way: Owing to the manual frothier, This machine can efficiently mix milk and steam to produce a creamy, rich froth so you can get evenly-textured drinks every time, as per your wish.
  • Customized Every Cup: With the help of 15-bar professional pressure, DeLonghi EC702 assures a top-class quality coffee cup and the adjustable controls help you to get a customized coffee cup every time.
  • User-friendly and Convenience: It performs most of the work on your behalf. The brilliant automatic Flow Stop feature dispenses just the correct amount of espresso while taking care of the ideal brewing temperature.
  • Don’t need to wait between cups: DeLonghi EC702 features the Rapid Cappuccino System, responsible for maintaining the optimal temperature that means you can brew one cup after another instantly.
  • Convenient Water Tank: The efficient water tank of this espresso machine is simple-to-remove, easy-to-refill and reattach. As you can see the water level so the need of guesswork is totally absent here.
  • Easy To Clean: It holds removable water tank as well as a drip tray that means you can easily clean up the machine. Moreover, its parts are dishwasher safe.


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Cons of DeLonghi EC702

You may not like a couple of first shots of DeLonghi EC702 because it takes a number of rounds of brewing to completely eliminate the primary metallic taste. You need to break this espresso machine before you can experience a delicious cup of espresso.

As a solution, you should brew three or four shots with a less quantity of coffee for breaking in the machine. And the initial few brews would enable the coffee flavor to pervade the filter.

Moreover, it could take the time of 5-15 minutes for heating up and it doesn’t have the auto-off feature.

But, I feel these drawbacks are somewhat negligible when we look at its features and benefits.


The DeLonghi EC702 is like a coffeehouse machine through which you can savor your coffee thrust whenever you want without going outside. The sleek stainless steel construction is easy-to-clean and it also enhances the overall kitchen decor.

Many users get puzzled to operate an espresso maker machine but luckily we have DeLonghi EC702 through which anyone can make a cup of coffee on their own.

So, if you want to taste an authentic shot of espresso coffee while sitting in your comfort zone, you should definitely purchase DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker.

I hope the delonghi ec702 review was useful for you.

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