Calphalon Knife Sets Black Friday

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Calphalon Knife Sets Black Friday

Calphalon Knife Sets Black Friday

Calphalon Knife Set is designed to simplify your life by providing a complete, 7-piece stainless steel knife block set in a sleek, professional-style collection. The blocks are made from forged, high carbon, no-stain steel, offering power and balance.

All of the knives are triple-riveted on each handle so they hold form and stay sharp for years. Calphalon’s forged construction makes them exceptionally tough and durable while their full tang design assures strength and balance.

An ergonomic handle provides grip even with wet hands, and the stylish silver color blends right into any kitchen decor. Complete with a safety locking mechanism that prevents accidental removal of knives or the whole set.

This 12-piece knife block set from Calphalon, a name you can trust, includes all the tools you need to get the job done. Rather than having to search for each knife in different drawers, this kitchen knife block set has all your knives and measuring instruments stored compactly together making them conveniently located to hand.

The specially contoured and excellent control handles give you a secure grip on every knife and each one is labeled with the name so it is easy to find and identify. There’s also a keeping track of your knives with the triple-riveted handle that clearly displays their name.

And a full lifetime warranty backs up this product’s unmatched quality. The Calphalon Knife Block Set is designed for the discerning cook. From your favorite chef’s knives to a Paring knife, this collection offers the optimal choice for all your needs.

Each cutlery piece is forged using only the finest grade materials, making it really easy to get a nice edge on your steak knives while maintaining a comfortable tactile feel. Triple-riveted handle construction provides secure and comfortable handle contact over time, while the triple-riveted locking mechanism ensures they’ll stay securely in place. A full lifetime warranty covers all Calphalon Cutlery products-see their website for complete details.

Calphalon Kitchen Knife Sets Black Friday

Calphalon Kitchen Knife Sets Black Friday

The Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel 15-Piece Knife Block Set will be the focal point of your kitchen. The beauty and shining elegance of the knives make for a knife block that not only looks good but will easily complement any décor. Built from Full stainless steel knife construction, Full tang.

Knives stay sharp for a lifetime, forged, high carbon, no-stain steel steak knives made from stamped steel, labeled handles for easy identification in the block & handles are contoured for a secure grip the knives are sure to be the talk of the kitchen.

These knives have been constructed with the finest quality giving you years of slicing, dicing, and chopping. The aesthetics of this knife set are outstanding yet it is more than just pretty to look at as it offers a full lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that has been warranted against defects in materials and workmanship as well as product liability if they are used as intended by the manufacturer. A kitchen staple for any cook, this Calphalon classic 15-piece knife set is guaranteed to make meal preparation easier.

Perfect for everything from trimming chicken to chopping herbs, each full-tang knife comes with a polymer handle and is forged from high carbon stainless steel with no stains or spots.

They’re also fully honed and sharpened to a 16-degree angle giving them a razor-sharp edge. For added convenience, they each have a built-in ceramic honing rod that automatically sharpens the blade as you use it.

The knives come with traditional black handles that feature labels on the front of each handle and are located in a classic butcher block that’ll look great sitting in your kitchen. For ultimate convenience, simply wash these knives when needed then put them in the dishwasher for cleaning. This kitchen essential has earned a reputation for quality and comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer.

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