Best Food Dehydrator 2019 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Before we explore your best food dehydrator, it would be logical to get familiar with the term food dehydrator. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the general public are still not familiar with a food dehydrator though food dehydrators are around for decades. But interestingly, people not having the knowledge of a food dehydrator are also enjoying dehydrated snacks like dried fruits, vegetables, chips, beef jerky etc.without knowing that those foods were made with dehydrators. However, it is not necessary that everybody will be acquainted with everything. We will see below in this guide on dehydrator reviews what a food dehydrator is and the benefits of using a food dehydrator. Before that we will put  underneath A List of 10 Best Food Dehydrators judged best food dehydrator by our parameters and Food dehydrator reviews by Amazon customers  so our valued readers don’t feel compelled to read to the end of this guide in case they don’t want or have to.

Best Food Dehydrator Review

A List of 10 Best Food Dehydrator 2019

Product Air Flow Temp. (F) Trays Expandable Wattage Click Here
Nesco Snackmaster Pro Vertical 95˚F 5 12 600 watts
Waring Pro Vertical 110-175 ˚F 5 9 620 Watts
Nesco Gardenmaster Horizontal 90-160 ˚F 4 20 1000 Watts
Excalibur 3926 TB Horizontal 105-165 ˚F 9 None 600 Watts
Presto 06300 Vertical 135-145 ˚F 4 8 600 Watts
Excalibur 2400 Horizontal 95-155 ˚F 4 None 220 Watts
Excalibur Stainless Steel Horizontal 105-165 ˚F 9 None 600 Watts
Nesco American Harvest Horizontal 95-155 ˚F 8 30 1000 Watts
L’Equipe 528 Bottom to top 93-153 ˚F 6 12 500 Watts
Excalibur Deluxe 3900B Horizontal 105-165 ˚F 9 None 600 Watts

The following are Synopsis of all 10 dehydrator reviews on the food dehydrators included in the above table. They will provide our readers with the Review Highlights as they may not have time to read the full  reviews due to their busy schedule. We believe, they will be able to get a brief idea of their best food dehydrator from the highlights. The dehydrator reviews are short enough to suit a busy schedule and at the same time long enough to provide the necessary information enabling them to take informed decision when it comes to buying their top food dehydrator. We have made every attempt to pick the best dehydrators for the review. These dehydrator reviews include cheap food dehydrators  and simultaneously few pricey ones are not excluded. As far as size is concerned, both small and large capacity dehydrators are included considering our readers’ varying needs. We hope they benefit from these best food dehydrator reviews.

Nesco Dehydrator FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Review

Nesco-Snackmaster-ProThis Nesco food dehydrator reviews will provide our valued readers with the Highlights of our full length dehydrator review on the above titled Nesco dehydrator. Manufactured by the well-reputed Nesco Company, this Snackmaster Nesco food dehydrator, 75A is one of the most popular food dehydrators currently available on the market. This Nesco food dehydrator is a stacking- styled drying machine that has a Top-mounted Vertical Air-flow System that ensures uniform drying of your food allowing an Easy cleanup.

The exclusively patented Air-flow system this Nesco snackmaster comes with is called Converga-Flow drying system, which supplies heat all across the dehydrator trays evenly without requiring you to manually rotate the trays. The essential nutrients of your food are retained during the dehydrating period with Opaque Vita-save Exterior that prevents outside harmful lights from entering the food zone. Such great features certainly make it your best dehydrator.

Expandability is another good feature of this Nesco  dehydrator. It is expandable up to 12 trays though basically comes with a 5-tray capacity. The 600-Watt snackmaster is also equipped with an Adjustable Thermostat and a limited time 1-Year Warranty.


Our dehydrator review finds out that this Nesco food dehydrator doesn’t have an on/off switch (Plugging/Unplugging can solve it).


The above features, an Affordable Price, 2900 food dehydrator reviews with a 4.5 rating out of a 5-Star absolutely make this Nesco dehydrator your best food dehydrator.



Waring Pro -DHR 30 Professional Food Dehydrator Review


This dehydrator review on the above captioned Waring Pro Dehydrator-DHR 30 Pro will give our readers a synopsis of our full length food dehydrator review on the topic. This Waring pro dehydrator is made by a prestigious US kitchen and home appliance maker with a manufacturing reputation of 75 years that boasts of introducing the first blender in the US market. This expandable capacity stack-able drying appliance has a vertical Air-flow system that dries your food evenly without having to rotate the trays.

This 620-watt Waring food dehydrator comes with a Fan-only Thermostat with a variable adjustment capacity. This Waring pro food dehydrator dries food and non-food items alike quite efficiently. It dries your fruits so perfectly that you can call it a fruit dehydrator. You can expect great beef jerky from this drying machine.  If you will, call it your best jerky dehydrator. A food dehydrator performing so well can easily be your best home dehydrator.

Considering the price, it’s a cheap food dehydrator while performing like your best dehydrator. On top of everything else, this Waring pro food dehydrator comes with a limited time 5-year warranty. A warranty for such an extended period of time surely makes it anyone’s top rated food dehydrator.


Our food dehydrator review figures out that this Waring food dehydrator doesn’t come with a timer, which is not a big deal for many.


Host of features and 449 dehydrator reviews by Amazon customers with a 4.1 rating out of a 5-star, undoubtedly make this Waring pro dehydrator your best food dehydrator.

FD-1040 1000-watt Garden master Nesco Food Dehydrator


This Nesco dehydrator reviews will give our readers the Highlights of our full length dehydrator review on the above-mentioned Nesco food dehydrator titled Nesco FD-1040 Gardenmaster. Manufactured by the well-known US Company Nesco, this Nesco Gardenmaster provides you with all the best features you may expect from a dehydrator. This Nesco food dehydrator is a stack-able type drying appliance having the same famous patented Horizontal Air-flow System namedConverga-Flow drying System. This unique system ensures even drying of your food without losing heat by opening the dehydrator repeatedly for rotating the trays. Such a great trait makes this Nesco Gardenmaster your best dehydrator without any doubt.

This Nesco food dehydrator quite efficiently functions as a jerky maker and a fruit dehydrator alongside doing all other jobs expected of a dehydrator.

This Nesco dehydrator has the same Opaque Vita-Save Exterior that retains the necessary nutrients of your food that would otherwise be lost with harmful outside lights. Isn’t it a feature that can make it your best food dehydrator?

Though initially comes with a 4-tray capacity, this Nesco food dehydrator can be expanded up to 20 trays. Such expand-ability surely makes this drying machine anybody’s top food dehydrator. This 1000-watt food dehydrator has a Programmable digital Timer and an Adjustable Thermostat that are usually found in best food dehydrators only. Therefore, unhesitatingly, these traits make it your best food dehydrator.


Few people complained of a bit of an emission of noise.


All these features with 312  dehydrator reviews by Amazon customers with a 4.6 rating out of a 5-Star definitely make this Nesco food dehydrator,  your top dehydrator.

Excalibur 3926TB Dehydrator Review – Your Best Food Dehydrator


This Excalibur dehydrator reviews on the above Excalibur 3926TB will supply our readers with a short version of our full-length dehydrator review on the topic. The prestigious American company, Excalibur has been manufacturing dehydrators since 1973 with a great reputation. Their product will outperform all other cheap dehydrators in terms of materials, workmanship, and functionalities, it goes without saying.

This Excalibur 3926TB is a Shelves type 600-watt drying machine that comes in a 9-tray capacity, each tray providing 15-sq inches of space making it a great choice of a large household. The Airflow system is a patented one, which is called Parallex Horizontal Airflow system that ensures fast and even dehydrating. This unique feature can make this Excalibur dehydrator your best rated dehydrator.

The Hyperwave Fluctuation Technology of this Excalibur dehydrator retains all the vital nutrients of your dehydrated food making it essentially your best dehydrator. A 26-hour Timer and a built-in Thermostat are two other great features of this Excalibur dehydrator 3926TB.


Our food dehydrator review finds, this Excalibur dehydrator while in use, creates some noise similar to that of a fan.


Such great features and 989  dehydrator reviews with a rating of 4.7 out of a 5-Star all by Amazon customers undoubtedly make this Excalibur 3926TB your best food dehydrator.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Best Dehydrator Review


This Presto food dehydrator reviews, a synopsis of our full-length dehydrator review on the above-mentioned Presto dehydrator will give our readers a brief idea of the topic. This Presto food dehydrator is a 600-watt stack-able food dryer that has a Vertical Airflow System that ensures uniform drying of your dehydrated food.Expand-ability is up to 8 trays though it comes with a 4-tray capacity giving you a larger drying space that you expect in your presto dehydrator.

This is a cheap dehydrator having many of the good features of best food dehydrators. It does all the drying job of your best dehydrator. It is a food dehydrator, fruit dehydrator, and a jerky maker simultaneously.

It’s a Space-saver because of being reasonably compact. This Presto food dehydrator is extremely User-friendly. Even a newbie will be able to operate it quite comfortably. This Presto dehydrator comes with a See-through Cover, which lets you see the dehydrating progress without ever opening the dehydrator. This Presto dehydro best dehydratorvirtually makes no noise when at work, which is completely unexpected of such a cheap food dehydrator. It does come with a limited 1-Year Warranty.


Our dehydrator review finds out that  this Presto 06300 doesn’t come with a Timer and a Thermostat. If you want these facilities, please check out Nesco dehydrator, FD-75A Snackmaster Pro, our food dehydrator review.


Despite having some shortcomings, a host of other features and 792 food dehydrator reviews and a 4.5 rating out of a 5-Star by Amazon customers and an unheard of price most definitely make this presto food dehydrator your best food dehydrator.

Excalibur 2400- 4-tray Economy Dehydrator Review


This Excalibur dehydrator reviews is a Synopsis of our full-length dehydrator review on the above titled Excalibur 2400. Manufactured by the same great American Excalibur company, this Excalibur food dehydrator is a 220-watt food dryer that is Shelves type and has a Horizontal Airflow system that ensures uniform drying all across the trays without any manual tray rotation.

This Excalibur food dehydrator  comes with a4-tray capacity making it ideal for a small household. It has an Adjustable Thermostatthat you would essentially expect in your best dehydrator. The Poly-screen tray inserts of this Excalibur food dehydrator makes the post use cleanup a breeze. Trays are absolutelyDishwasher safe saving you a lot of works and energy.

This is relatively a cheap dehydrator in the Excalibur models that offers you some of the great features of best dehydrators. This model makes great beef jerky; it’s a fruit dehydrator at the same time. Making dried fruits and dehydrated vegetables are also a breeze with this Excalibur 2400. The best part is it comes with a limited time 5-Year warranty. Such a long warranty and the other features make it nothing but your best food dehydrator.


Our dehydrator review finds out that it doesn’t include a Timer. If you bother for an Excalibur food dehydrator with a timer, please read our dehydrator review on Excalibur 3926TB.


The above features and 145 dehydrator reviews with a 4.6 rating out of 5 by Amazon customers unquestionably make this Excalibur  2400 food dehydrator your best food dehydrator.

Excalibur 9-Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator Review

This Excalibur dehydrator reviews on the captioned Excalibur food dehydrator is a synopsis of our full-length food dehydrator review to give our readers a heads up on this stainless steel dehydrator. Manufactured by the famous US Company Excalibur, this Excalibur food dehydrator is a shelves type 600-watt stainless steel dehydrator. It comes with a Horizontal Airflowsystem that combines the unique Excalibur patented Parallex mechanics and HyperWave Fluctuation technologyproviding the ultimate drying experience you ever can expect from your best dehydrator.

Each tray having a space of 15”x15, this 9-tray stainless steel dehydrator provides such ahuge capacity that you will expect only in your best food dehydrator. A 26-hour Timer and an Adjustable Thermostat give you the set and forget kind of flexibility. This food dryer gives you the optimum drying result in drying fruits, vegetables, meat for your beef jerky, pet food, and many non-foods like flowers for potpourri, arts and crafts stuff, clay etc. Some fruit lovers call it a fruit dehydrator while some find it as their best jerky dehydrator. This Excalibur  dehydrator is extremely user-friendly and completely dishwasher safe. This clear door drying tool lets you watch your dehydrating progress. Insulated interior is another great feature of this appliance that saves energy and ensures fast drying.


Our food dehydrator review finds this great Excalibur dehydrator takes large space and a bit expensive for some.


Given all the above enviable features including a limited time 10-Year Warranty and 22  dehydrator reviews and an overall 5-Star rating by Amazon customers, this ultimate drying machine, Excalibur 9-tray stainless steel  dehydrator surely can be your best food dehydrator, unless you want to check out Excalibur 3900.

Nesco American Harvest FD-1018P Food Dehydrator Reviews


This Nesco food dehydrator reviews is a synopsis of our complete dehydrator review on the titled Nesco American Harvest FD-1018P food dehydrator. Made by the well-founded Nesco Company, this American harvest dehydrator is a 1000-watt Stack-able drying appliance that has a Horizontal Air-flow system. The Air-flow mechanics is a patented one called Converga-Flow drying system that gives you a pleasant drying experience in terms of even and fast drying of your food. All the valuable nutrients of your dehydrated food are well-preserved due to the Opaque Vita-Save Exterior of this Nesco food dehydrator. The ultimate technological aspects, no doubt, make it your best food dehydrator.

This Nesco American Harvest is Expandable to a maximum of 30 trays although the basic dryer comes with 8 trays. Such flexibility in capacity is a great attribute of your best dehydrator. An Adjustable Thermostat is another great feature of this Nesco dehydrator. It’s unbelievably user-friendly even with inexperienced operators. This easy to clean appliance takes very little space as it’s stack-able. It surely comes with a limited time 1-Year Warranty.


Our dehydrator review figured it misses a timer and an emission of sound while in operation is also reported though it’s not unbearable. Please check out our food dehydrator review on Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator if you are serious about a Nesco dehydrator with a timer.


Huge capacity, cutting-edge technology, maximum drying power, and 303 food dehydrator reviews with a 4.3 rating out of 5 by Amazon customers boldly claim that this  American harvest dehydrator can be your next best food dehydrator.

L’Equipe 528 Food Dehydrator Review


This dehydrator review is a synopsis of our complete full length dehydrator reviews on the above captioned l’ equip  dehydrator made by l’ equip. Our finding says l’ equip manufactures top food dehydrators. This compact, light-weight appliance is a 500-watt Stack-able food dryer with a bottom to top Air-flow mechanics making sure even drying of your food. A heat sensor regulated by micro-processor is responsible for the consistency of heating and drying of food items. Expand-ability of this drying machine is up to 12 trays though it basically comes with 6 trays.

This l’ equip food dehydrator has a great customer feedback for providing excellent dehydrating results. It dries both foods and non-foods with equal efficiency. You can expect quality dried fruits, vegetables, dried meat, beef jerky, clay items, arts related stuff, and everything a dehydrator can dry from this drying machine. This l’ equip dehydrator comes with a limited time 10-Year Warranty. Such an extended warranty comes only from a good manufacturer and this confidence surely can make you think that it’s your best food dehydrator.

It comes with an Adjustable Thermostat. Another notable feature is its quiet operation. You can use it anywhere and anytime without having to disturb your sleep or your neighbor’s. The operating procedure is also extremely user-friendly. Cleanup of this food dehydrator will never feel like a chore.


Our dehydrator review finds out that it doesn’t come with a timer though not a big deal for many. You may want to examine this cheap dehydrator, Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator with a timer.


The above features, affordability, Warranty, and 174  dehydrator reviews with a 4.4 rating out of 5 by Amazon customers without a doubt can demand that it’s your best food dehydrator.

Excalibur 3900B 9-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator Reviews


This Excalibur Dehydrator Reviews is a summary of our full length dehydrator review on the captioned Excalibur food dehydrator, 3900B. This ultimate drying machine, made by the same great US Company Excalibur, is a 600-watt shelves type dehydrator. It is equipped with a Horizontal Air-flow mechanics patented as Parallex in combination with Hyperwave Fluctuation technology that gives you the best drying outcome. It has 9-trays giving you a total drying capacity of 15-sq feet that makes it a great choice for a large household. After all, capacity does matter when you look for your best food dehydrator.

This Excalibur food dehydrator is an All-purpose food dryer that you can consider your fruit dehydrator, best jerky dehydrator, meat dehydrator, you name it. This Excalibur 3900 is equipped with a built-in On/Off Switch and an Adjustable Thermostat making its operation a breeze. Its ergonomic round trays are extremely convenient for the drying job, users report.


Our dehydrator review diagnosed this Excalibur food dehydrator doesn’t have a timer, which can be easily purchased separately. For an Excalibur dehydrator with a timer, you can read our food dehydrator review on a stainless steel dehydrator.


Such astounding features, a limited time 10-Year Warranty, 646  dehydrator reviews with a 4.7 rating out of 5 are the factors you surely want to see in your Excalibur food dehydrator.

The purpose for this List of food dehydrator reviews is to navigate our readers to the right direction as to help them to find their best dehydrators. We also believe that it is not an easy task for an inexperienced person to choose a food dehydrator let alone best dehydrator or best food dehydrator, giving due considerations to elements like brands, models, functionalities, prices, and technical specifications as the options are too many. This list has been prepared after an extensive research and it includes our unbiased  dehydrator reviews on each of the best rated  food dehydrator enlisted so our readers can choose effortlessly their best food dehydrator they are looking to buy.

What is A Food Dehydrator?

We will briefly describe here for you, our esteemed reader, what a food dehydrator is before an attempt is made to find your best food dehydrator based on these food dehydrator reviews. A food dehydrator or a dehydrator is a machine, tool, or appliance ideally meant for the kitchen for the purpose of drying fruits, vegetables, meat etc to make healthy snacks. Food dehydrators are also used for making potpourri and even pet treats. A dehydrator is also known as a fruit dehydrator or a meat or jerky dehydrator. A food dehydrator or a dehydrator is a box-shaped appliance made from plastic or metal that takes away extra water and moisture from fresh and raw food to help the preservation. Bacteria and fungi grow in the moisture of raw and fresh produce and meat over time. Dehydrators stop that from happening by drying out that undesirable water using hot air passing through them. Therefore, dehydrated food can be safely preserved for years.

The demand for dehydrators is increasing day by day as the consumers are becoming more conscious of their eating habit and health. Newer brands of dehydrators manufactured by different companies are also indicators of a growing demand for food dehydrators among the consumers. We suggest our loyal readers read as many dehydrator reviews as possible so they don’t get confused when choosing their best dehydrator.

History of Dehydrating Foods

Different methods used in the preservation of food from the primitive to the modern age. For the most part survival was the root cause of drying food. Proverb goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Primitive people needed to preserve surplus food against rainy days. Foods and climatic conditions varied from region to region and so did preservation methods. Depending upon their food type and climate, they had to figure out different methods to preserve their foods.

Drying and dehydrating food

Drying and dehydrating food are synonymous to many, but food and nutrition experts see a subtle difference between the two terms. To them, drying food is a natural process like sun-drying while dehydrating food is an artificial way of drying food like using food dehydrators or other means. However, people have been preserving food since time immemorial by one means or another, that’s for sure. We will see below the different means and methods people have used in drying and dehydrating food with the passage of time.

Drying Method

We will find no culture or generation of people that didn’t dry food for the sake of their survival. Of course, they didn’t apply the same method for drying food. Studies reveal that ancient Middle Easterners and people from the Orient sun-dried their food for preservation purposes as early as 12,000 BC. Cultures depending upon their availability of food items dried fruits and vegetables to fish and meat, Studies reveal. They also used salting and smoking method for the preservation of raw fish and meat. Centuries back Near Easterners sand- dried fruits having them wrapped with dried palm leaves. Peruvian Indians air-dried potatoes after freezing them overnight. More than a century ago people in the Arctic region preserved their walrus meat using a freeze-drying method. Native Indians in the USA dried their vegetables, fish, and meat using smoke.

Canning Method

Canning is a food preservation process that suggests preservation of food in cans or jars and a use of high heat to it in order to kill the harmful microorganisms responsible for the spoilage of food.

Nicolas Appert, a French confectioner figured out first in the 1790s that food can be prevented from being spoiled if it is exposed to heat and preserved in glass bottles. Nicolas’s theory was successfully experimented by the French Navy in 1806 when they were able to can foods like vegetables, fruits, and meat etc. Peter Durand, an English merchant introduced tin cans in 1810 following Nicolas’s ideas and received a patent from King George the third of England on August 25, 1810, Wikipedia.

Freezing Method

Primitive people preserved meat in ice caves. Cellars and cool streams were also used for this purpose. Modern freezing method or process is more recent as compared to canning of food. Commercial freezing was not introduced until 1842 though freezing as a preservation method was revolutionized with mechanical refrigeration in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Freezing cannot destroy all the microorganisms in food. It can stop them from multiplying.Refrigeration is an expensive process compared to canning though it is a widely used method.

Freeze-drying Method

Freeze-dried food is as good as dehydrated food. They are light-weight and convenient for storage and easily portable. Refrigeration is not required but rehydration is necessary for consumption. It is freezing and dehydration combined. Previously frozen food stored in a vacuum-tight place and dehydrated by applying appropriate heat in a vacuum condition is what makes this method different from other methods.

Fermenting Method

As a food preservation method, fermentation was great. Fermentation could make delicious and wholesome foods with minimal ingredients alongside preserving foods. Microorganisms playing a role in this process are capable of producing vitamins. According to some anthropologists, the fermentation process dates back to 10,000 BC as the nomadic people turned into farmers to produce barley to make beer through the fermentation process.

Pickling Method

Preserving foods in vinegar or a similar acidic substance is pickling. The idea of pickling supposedly came into being after the food was put into beer or wine for the purpose of preservation as both contain a low pH. Non-metallic containers like glass or stoneware were used to do that as the acidic substance would leach out some of the metal if a metal container were used to do the job. The Romans perhaps used this pickling method a lot. A wide variety of food preservation methods were exercised in the sixteenth century Europe with the advent of a great variety of food there. An example can be Ketchup. It made its journey all the way from the Orient to the Europe and later on to the USA. Interestingly, it was modified there by adding sugar to it as we find it today.

Drying and dehydrating food didn’t mean simply a food preservation method to our ancestors. Some anthropologists and historians opine that preserving food meant more than survival to them. They believe primitive people required preserved foods like dried meat, fruits, and vegetables for certain rituals as part of their heritage.

Benefits of Having a Food Dehydrator

The history of dehydrating food dates back to primitive time. People have used different preservation methods since time immemorial. Early people sun-dried their food to preserve. Then they used salting as a different method. In recent time, canning and freezing are commonly used methods. Of late, dehydrating food for preservation is being considered most healthy and convenient by users of dehydrators and food experts alike. Excessive salt in food is highly discouraged by health and nutrition experts. So salting as a preservation method is almost obsolete. Canned foods are also discouraged for health reasons. Freezing is costly. Both canning and freezing take a lot of space too. Below we will discuss the benefits of dehydrating food alongside showing you how to find your best food dehydrator by reading dehydrator reviews.

Chemical free food: In dehydrating food, you are in control of the entire process. So your dehydrated snacks or food is completely preservative and chemical free. Whereas, snacks like dried fruits, vegetables, jerky or beef jerky that you buy from stores contain a lot of salts, preservatives or harmful additives. They contribute to increased bad cholesterol in your blood leading to high blood pressure and in worst case scenario, cancer. Therefore, a food dehydrator is a life-saver.

Taste and flavor retained: The natural taste and flavor of your food stay intact as a concentration takes place in the dehydration process. So you can enjoy a tasty and flavorful snacks or meal made by your own food dehydrator.

Nutrients stay: Your dehydrated food doesn’t lose any of the nutrients, vitamins, or minerals it contains naturally. So you can enjoy nutritious dehydrated food in the comfort of your own home with the help of a food dehydrator.

Saves you storage: Dehydrated food takes fifty percent less space as compared to fresh raw foods. So food dehydrators give you the opportunity to enjoy delicious healthy snacks alongside saving your valuable storage space.

Saves you money: Snacks like beef jerky and dried fruits are quite expensive if you buy them from supermarkets. On the other hand, you can make them at home using a food dehydrator at the fraction of the cost of your store-bought snacks.

Dehydrator Reviews & Best Food Dehydrator buying Tips

Now that you know what a food dehydrator is and what benefits it can offer you, you probably are thinking of buying one, and surely the best one, your best food dehydrator. Remember, it’s not an easy job to find your best dehydrator since your needs for a dehydrator may be different from others and all dehydrators may not be suitable for everyone.

Do some homework in your attempt to find your best food dehydrator and be sure to assess your needs first, like what food you will be dehydrating, how often you will be doing it, and in what quantity etc. The Kind of food you will be dehydrating most has a role to play in your buying decision. Dehydrator manufacturers design their dehydrators with particular trays for a particular type of food. For example, if you plan on to dehydrate meat mostly; go for a food dehydrator designed with additional meat trays rather than additional fruit trays and vice versa.

If you have to dry food once in a while and in a small amount, you need a small size dehydrator that will sit on a counter top. On the other hand, if you have to dehydrate food frequently and in larger quantity, your choice should be a larger type of food dehydrator with more capacity. Please also note that size doesn’t necessarily determine your best dehydrator; size is only the indicator of the capacity of your drying machine. Even a small size appliance may be your best dehydrator fulfilling other parameters and meeting your best needs.

It is true that a costly food dehydrator comes with some of the exclusive features, but a cheap food dehydrator may also offer some good features. So, price alone should not be the deciding factor in choosing your best food dehydrator. Now go by the following parameters. They will help you narrow your search and take an informed decision with regard to finding your best food dehydrator matching with your needs, we believe. And, of course, please do not forget to read our Dehydrator Reviews to be acquainted with the basics of food dehydrators. Finding your best food dehydrator does require some research and homework.

Parameters to be Considered When Buying Your Best Food Dehydrator


It is true that capacity alone doesn’t confirm your best food dehydrator. The capacity of your food dehydrator should depend on your need. If you need to dry food for a larger group of people, you will need a dehydrator that offers expand-ability. In such dehydrators, you will be able to add additional trays to the unit according to your needs. All dehydrators don’t offer this facility. You can expect such expand-ability only in your best food dehydrator of a particular brand. Using extra trays will expedite your dehydrating job as you will be able to dry multiple batches of food at a single go. On the other hand, non-expandable dehydrators can’t take extra trays and you can only dry a single batch of food at a time, meaning they are more time-consuming. But the larger the capacity the costlier the dehydrator would be. Surely you wouldn’t mind paying extra for such flexibility in your best food dehydrator.



Air flow type

Food Dehydrators typically either are Vertical or Horizontal air flow type. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. You cannot consider one individual type your best food dehydrator. You may be interested in choosing the type depending upon your needs and convenience. In  vertical Airflow, the fan is either positioned at the top or the bottom of the dehydrator and thus ensures even heat distribution either transmitting the heat upward or downward passing through all the trays. This type of dehydrators dries foods faster and is best suited for dehydrating jerky, meat stuff, and root vegetables. One thing to be noted here is a vertical airflow type appliance with a fan located at the bottom is hard to clean as sometimes liquids from foods drip onto the hard-to-clean areas of the appliance.

On the other hand, Horizontal airflow types are usually bigger in size and allow  the dehydrating large amount of foods at one-go. They don’t guarantee equal heat distribution but provide facilities like dehydrating different types of foods simultaneously without having to mix the flavors. Horizontal airflow type dehydrators are normally costlier than the vertical airflow type. So again the food dehydrator with an airflow type meeting your specific needs is your best food dehydrator.


A Thermostat is a vital element in your best food dehydrator. Cheaper models normally don’t come with a thermostat. The benefit of a thermostat is you can control the temperature of your appliance by setting it at a particular temperature. Some food dehydrators even come with a programmable thermostat. So make sure that your best food dehydrator doesn’t miss it.



 A timer is another important element in a top food dehydrator. It gives you the flexibility to do other things while your food is being dried. It prevents your food from being burnt if you forget to turn off your appliance. Normally, a cheap food dehydrator doesn’t come with a timer. So look for a timer in your best food dehydrator.

 The Position of the heating Element

The position of the heating element plays an important role in the drying process. The heating source should ideally be located on the top of your appliance to stop dripping of liquid into the source. Look for this feature in your best food dehydrator.


 Fans in the dehydrators help distribute the heat evenly to ensure even dehydrating. They even expedite faster drying by taking away the moisture. Your top food dehydrator should ideally come with a fan.

Sealed Trays

If you have to dehydrate food with different flavors, you should go for sealed trays. With sealed trays, different flavors don’t mix together. You should pay close attention to every small thing of Your best food dehydrator. So it is something that deserves your consideration.

Tray accessibility

Between the two different model types of food dehydrators i.e. 1.Stacking and 2. Shelf tray, the former can dry a large batch of produce at one-go. However, it has some disadvantages too. If you ever need to take something out from the bottom tray, you have to remove the top trays first to gain access to the bottom. It may delay the dehydrating process as you will lose some heat while opening and closing the machine. On the other hand, shelf tray type dehydrators are equipped with trays that fold out. Periodic rotation for uniform heat distribution is not required. This is a good point to be considered in finding your best food dehydrator.

Construction Materials

 As dehydrators are mainly made from metal or plastic, these materials should be FDA (A US Federal Regulatory body exerting control over food and drug) approved and food grade materials. If plastic, they should be BPA-free. Generally, metal ones are more durable than the plastic ones. Look for risk-free healthy materials in the construction of your best food dehydrator.


If you need to travel a lot, you may be interested in carrying your dehydrator along. In such case, a small- sized and lightweight stack-able dehydrator is a better choice. On the other hand, metal-built dehydrators are weighty and occupy a larger space. In fact, this feature is not a parameter to be considered for finding your best food dehydrator as portability of a food dehydrator is absolutely subjective depending upon a very individual situation of a person.


Best dehydrators come with manufacturers’ Warranty. It is smarter to buy a dehydrator that comes with a warranty. A  cheap food dehydrator doesn’t offer a Warranty. A warranty gives you peace of mind as you know that you will get a replacement or free servicing, in case anything goes wrong within the stipulated time. Therefore, a dependable solid Warranty from the manufacturer is a very important feature of your best food dehydrator. It is to be noted here that we write food dehydrator reviews on this site only on your best food dehydrator  that has a reasonable warranty.

Conclusion of Best Food Dehydrator Buying Guide:

Nothing comes easy. Your best food dehydrator is no exception. Therefore, to find your best dehydrator all you need is a prior assessment of your needs and some patient shopping. Remember, price or any other single parameter may not be the determining factor for finding your best food dehydrator. So take your time and try to match your needs with the features your best food dehydrator offers. Good Luck!!!

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